Cooperative Purchasing Connection


Our Cooperative Purchasing Program offers members a wide range of high-quality products and services at discounted rates. By combining the purchasing power of all Members, we can achieve volume pricing on quality products and services from reputable vendors. We work with the vendors but FOR the Members.

Membership is open to:
  • Schools
  • Cities, Counties, Governmental Agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations and other partnership agencies.

Satisfying Minnesota competitive bidding requirements
Vendors we provide are the result of either formal bids (identified as State Bid or SB) or negotiated contracts (identified as Preferred Vendors or PV). 

The contracted vendors we have known as State Bid or SB vendors are established through formal bids and purchasing from them satisfies Minnesota competitive bidding requirements - regardless of the amount of the purchase. The ability to do so is outlined in Minnesota Statutes123A.2 and 471.345.

The combination of these two statutes gives members the ability to purchase from contracted vendors while remaining in compliance with the Minnesota competitive bidding requirements.

Cooperative Purchasing Vendor Directory 
Express Purchasing Connection 

For more information please contact us at or (888) 739-3289.