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In 1993 the schools, cities, counties and other governement agencies in Resource Training & Solutions created a Joint Powers pool and a self-insured minimum premium arrangement to purchase group health insurance.  
  • Resource Training & Solutions became the fiscal host and began to assume the claims liabilities arising from the self-insured pool. Sites have benefited by participating in the most economical purchasing arrangement, (self-insured) with lower administrative and risk charges. 
  • In addition to lower costs, funds left over after paying claims in the self-insured arrangement are returned to the sites, held in reserve or used for pool activities including wellness programs.  
  • Resource Training & Solutions provides dedicated staff who have worked with advisory committees to create a number of programs to assist sites, including VEBA trust and administration, worksite wellness, wellness incentives, HR communications, ACA workshops, and the new Clear Cost healthcare management tools. 

Top Ten Advantages of Membership in the Resource Insurance Pool

  1. Members benefit by paying lower administrative charges and premiums through the Resource Pool self-insured arrangement.
  2. Member Sites have received millions in refunds since the pool began.
  3. Risk charges are lower due to spreading the risk across all members by using pool reserves built up over the years.
  4. Employees have set aside and saved over $100,000,000 currently held in VEBA and HSA pre-tax accounts, by adopting consumer directed high deductible health plans, statewide.
  5. Members receive a Blue Cross Blue Shield best services agreement through Resource with performance guarantees that provide the largest network of providers in Minnesota. 
  6. Sites may rely on Resource dedicated staff to assist with group health plan administration, Affordable Care Act compliance assistance and HR responsibilities.
  7. Sites and their employees are eligible for innovative and effective wellness programs created by Resource. 
  8. We insure a healthier workforce by facilitating successful wellness programs. The result is a lower number of absences and fewer visits to the doctor, which keeps insurance premiums lower than average.
  9. Resource provides Sites with a Human Resources (HR) website, newsletters and alerts providing the most up-to-date HR, Health Care and ACA regulatory information.
  10. Resource will be providing Clear Cost, health care management online tools. These new tools are designed to help employees shop for lower cost prescription drugs and medical services and save money, without changing medical providers or going outside the BCBS network.

Thank you so much for joining us at the Nov. 10th insurance meetings. Below are links to download the documents shared at the meeting:

HITA Meeting Documents

Resource HITA Power Point - Nov. 10, 2016

ACA Meeting Documents

Power Point on 1094 and 1095 b and c
2016 1094 B
2016 1095 B
2016 Instructions for 1094-B and 1095-B
2016 1094 C
2016 1095 C
2016 Instructions for 1094-C and 1095-C

Select Account-MN Svc Coop Pricing
Select Account-MN Svc Coop VEBA HSA Fee-Rates
Select Account-VEBA HSA Dependents
Select Account-VEBA HSA Flow Chart_2017


Simple. Smart. Savings. ClearCost Health.

Resource Training & Solutions is rolling out a new health care shopping and transparency tool for employees covered by the  Resource BlueCross BlueShield group health plan. ClearCost Health allows you to comparison shop for health care services using an easy online interface. This will allow you and your employees to make smarter health care decisions and lower health care costs. You can preview the service by watching the 5 minute video online.

ClearCost Health has demonstrated a return on investment of approximately 2 to 1, for employees using the shopping and transparency tools. Resource Training & Solutions is committed to providing the ClearCost service to help employees better manage their healthcare.

Take action:
  • Register for an account – it only takes 5 minutes. Employees will need their BCBS ID number or the last 4 digits of their social security number.  It is recommended that you initially register on a computer, rather than a mobile device.
  • Download a draft memo (DOC) that should be distributed to all eligible employees with instructions on how to register and activate their ClearCost account.
  • Download ClearCost Posters (PDF) to help inform your employees of this new service.
If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact Dan Weir at (800) 864-3797.