Professional development in less than two hours

Become more effective, productive, and less stressed in your professional life with customized training.

We are offer training at your location or at our Sartell location.

Finishing Well with an Unhappy Customer
Tuesday, July 17
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Frontline employees and managers will learn how to put themselves in their customers' shoes and increase the odds of ending a challenging service situation in a positive way.

Discovering Your Strengths
Tuesday, August 14
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This training is for those who want to understand their unique talents, or for business professionals and organizations seeking to optimize employees skills and abilities. We will explore your customized Gallup's CliftonStrengths report and begin to help you tap into your natural strengths.

Resource also offers training topics that include team building, stress management, communicaton, and Microsoft Excel software training. Contact Anthony Farag at (320) 255-3236 to learn more.

Custom Parenting Training

We offer the entire Parenting the Love and Logic Way® Curriculum and customized 1.5-2 hour training sessions that can be offered in your community.

Parenting the Love & Logic Way® - 6-hour curriculum

Learn simple, low stress communication techniques that are effective with children from toddlers to teens. Raise your odds of success by learning how to avoid power struggles. Guide your children to solve their own problems. Learn communication strategies. Model and teach responsibility. Learn how to raise your children without raising the roof!

Shorter custom classes for teachers - 2 hour trainings

How to Put the FUN Back into Parenting with Love & Logic

Teaching can be fun. When school staff work together, they can raise the odds of success for children.

  • Take care of yourself … take care of your of students
  • Rediscover the value of delayed consequence
  • Use one liners to neutralize arguing

Sharing the Power with Words

Do you sometimes feel like a drill sergeant barking commands? Learn how to enjoy and model great behavior to your students.

  • Build more positive relationships
  • The power of questions
  • Use empathy
  • 1 sentence intervention

How To Be Cool

Interacting with students can be challenging on a daily basis. Learn how to be cool and logical with students. Walk away with low stress strategies that help you and your students share control.

  • Magic phrases that work with students
  • Strategies to share power
  • Choices students can handle

Take action! Contact Anthony Farag at or (320) 255-3236 to discuss scheduling and pricing.