Leadership Evolution Mentor

Position: Principal Mentor
Location: Resource Training & Solutions
Salary: $1,000/mentee/year (maximum 2 mentees)
Reports to: Director of Training & Development

  1. Minimum of seven years successful, innovative administrative experience.

  2. Demonstrates ability to apply innovative leadership strategies.

  3. Demonstrates ability to effectively communicate.

  4. Demonstrates nonjudgmental observations and confirming skills.

  5. Must have computer skills.

  6. Must be willing to travel to participating school sites.

 Major Duties/Responsibilities:
  1. Coordinate with and follows direction of Director of Training & Development to implement Leadership Evolution mentorship plan.

  2. Must meet with mentoring principal at least two times at the school in which the principal works.

  3. Must meet with mentoring principal and participate in quarterly on-site seminars (held at Resource Training & Solutions).

  4. Complete a log of all activities between the mentor and the principal, including observations, conferences, and support team meetings. The log includes date of meetings and topics of discussion.

  5. Discussion at meetings, seminars, and in virtual learning environment may include but not be limited to instructional leadership, innovation, personal strengths, student programming, etc.

  6. Be a role model in all aspects of professionalism.

  7. Support and counsel new and/or seasoned administrators.

  8. Attend mentor meetings organized by Director of Training & Development.

    Send letter of interest and resume to Michelle Wang at mwang@resourcetraining.com.