Great River Road RaceGreat River Road Scenic Byway

FitLiving Activity

During this 5-week FitLiving activity, members will virtually race each other along the Great River Road Scenic Byway. This race follows the course of the Mississippi River, beginning at the Lake Itasca Headwaters and spanning 575 miles down to the Minnesota/Iowa border. Your group will be competing against other member organizations each week to see who will be the first to our next destination along the Great River Road! We will be using each organization’s average weekly distance (multiplied by 3) to calculate each group’s progress. Multiplying each group’s average weekly distance by
3 allows for faster and more significant progress along the route.

What if your group  gets off to a slow start? No worries! Each week is a new race.  Stay tuned each Monday for updates on your progress.

When: Monday, March 13 – Sunday, April 16, 201

You’ll be competing against other member organizations each week to see who will be first to our next location along the Great River Road. Stay tuned each Monday for updates on your progress in the race.

Why: A little friendly competition gives us the motivation we need kick out fitness level up a notch!

How: Keep moving down the road each week and sync your Fitbit by 8 AM on Monday morning to contribute to your team’s distance. Each week is a new leg of the race so stay in it until the end!

What: Each week the winning organization will receive a trophy and each active participant will be entered in a drawing to win a fabulous prize!

Congratulations to Isle Schools and the City of Melrose, winners of the Great River Road Race 2017!


Fitbit Customer Support

Fitbit Customer Support can be reached at (877) 623-4997. The individual should indicate to customer support that they received the device through the Corporate Wellness Program with Resource Training & Solutions. The Customer Support team will troubleshoot from there.