Leading Forward Opportunities

Leadership Academy Leading Forward

Leadership Academy provides monthly training sessions for school and district leadership teams to support and promote school improvement processes as they work toward a common goal of growth in leader and teacher effectiveness. Each Academy session is a full day and designed to bring school leaders together to focus on instruction. Through networking, targeted professional development and next step planning, principals and instructional leaders will come in to learn and go out to lead. 

Join us to explore the following:
  • How to lead, drive and sustain change using a model of leadership and implementation science that are both sustainable and research-based 
  • How to effectively support and monitor principal and teacher performance through deliberate practice, reflection, focused feedback and coaching
  • How to use the Marzano Leadership Framework to guide administrative growth and effectiveness
  • How to use the Marzano Instructional Framework to guide increased teacher growth and effectiveness 

During each Leadership Academy session, participants will:
  • Connect with prior learning
  • Use processes and content to be implemented in his/her school
  • Apply theory into action
  • Embed strategies to promote teacher and principal growth
  • Engage in networking and accountability
  • Create systems of change



Leadership Academy Advance

Leadership Academy Advance provides leaders two days each summer to increase their leadership capacity to influence, motivate, and advance continuous improvement at all levels of the educational system through a deep dive into responsible leadership at the executive level.  Leaders will explore three central tenets of their personal approaches to leadership: developing a sense of vision, an orientation toward action, and a facility for persuasion. Leaders will identify current and future  opportunities to be a 2nd Order change agent in their spheres of influence.
Learn how to lead, motivate and influence others to make innovative change happen.
Participants will understand how to use influence to lead others, go beyond challenges and uncertainties, and increase their self-confidence to renew commitment to self, peers, and the community. LA Advance will motivate and tap the intrinsic drive to create change and that which matters most in your daily leadership practices.
Participants will be able to:

  • Connect with prior learning to learn how to influence others
  • Use processes and content to demonstrate responsible leadership for the common good
  • Apply systems thinking and engage in analyzing complex situations
  • Connect with self and others through an intentional community of practice
  • Cultivate a creative, innovative, and caring learning environment.
  • Embed evidence-based approaches into personal/professional life
  • Engage and influence networking and accountability to share results and impact
  • Advance systems of change/growth by starting with self 

Audience: District Leaders and Principals/School LeadersThis is the first two days of a six-day Leadership series that will be offered over the next three years  

Principal & Teacher Growth & Evaluation 

The Minnesota Marzano Principal and Teacher Evaluation Models are a comprehensive approach to evaluation that is coordinated and compatible with the Minnesota Principal and Teacher Evaluation Statutes. 
The RSC Models present many advantages to districts:
  • Focuses evaluations on behaviors shown by research to positively impact student achievement
  • Incorporates evidence and data from a variety of sources for a well-rounded assessment for growth
  • Encourages continual improvements in instruction through deliberate practice
  • Collect and measure evidence of effective instruction and leadership
  • Supports growth through a self assessment plan and development of action steps

Peer Coaching Academy 

This year-long system of support helps prepare teachers and principals to serve as peer coaches and peer evaluators. Each participant will receive three days of professional development on developing norms, principles, and strategies to build collaborative practices for providing instructional feedback that will positively impact teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Support is offered two additional days during the year through instructional round support and coaching on-site. Certification is available for those wishing to become peer evaluators. This academy is coordinated and compatible with the Minnesota Principal and Teacher Evaluation Statutes.


iObservation is the leading observation technology platform that offers an interactive web-based data management system for teacher and administrator growth and evaluation. It manages the data collection process so schools can focus on effective teaching, leadership and learning. Customization offers flexibility for alignment with the current school/district focus or initiatives.

Professional Development Planning/Support 

Staff at Leading Forward can provide customized highly effective professional development for any school/district need. Staff is available to conduct a needs assessment, assist with the development of a professional development plan, provide training and coaching, and to drive implementation focused on continuous improvement.

World’s Best Work Force 

This tool is for Minnesota school districts to use when preparing to develop public local strategic plans that strive to create the world’s best workforce. Leading Forward Professional Development Staff assists each district in the creation of an action item outline for the development of District Strategic Plans that meets the state-mandated criteria. These plans utilize research-based best practice and are closely aligned with existing initiatives and continuous school improvement.

Instructional Rounds 

Staff at Leading Forward provides support to principals and teachers throughout the growth process by facilitating a series of informative classroom observations via Instructional Rounds. These rounds provide an opportunity for teams of teachers and administrators to discuss deliberate practice, reflect on effective teaching strategies, and coach using formative feedback resulting in growth for all.