The Resource Training & Solutions Bridge Award

The Resource Training & Solutions' Bridge Award was created to celebrate and highlight member organizations who advance innovative solutions, demonstrate meaningful progress in their community, or who give and advocate for positive change.

Bridge Award criteria:

  1. Member of Resource Training & Solutions
  2. Collaboration with others in an effort to build a “bridge” between their organization and other organizations or groups in their sphere of influence.
  3. New or improved processes, access, or solutions beyond the job description of their organization that meet needs in their area.

2018 Bridge Awards:

The City of Waite Park, Resource member since 2000, supports Terebinth Refuge, a nonprofit shelter that assists sex trafficked and sexually exploited women, with a two-year home donation. This donation allows Terebinth Refuge the ability to provide transitional housing and a place of health, stability, independence, healing, and hope for exploited women. The first of its kind in the state of Minnesota, Terebinth Refuge provides a pioneering service and Resource Training & Solutions commends the City of Waite Park for their contribution. Thank you, Shaunna Johnson, Dave Bentrud, Mayor Rick Miller, and city council members for creating a partnership with Terebinth Refuge and becoming a bridge in Central Minnesota and beyond!

Above right: Resource Training & Solutions presented the Bridge Award to CeCe Terlouw and the City of Waite Park city council members on Monday, March 19, 2018.

Big Lake Schools, Resource member since 1991, participates in a Youth Apprenticeship Program, providing skills for lifelong learning and career options to high school juniors and seniors. Students in the program learn about careers they may not have considered before, and the program supports the local community by matching interested and motivated students to businesses that sometimes see a shortage of qualified, work-ready employees. The students gain experience and real-work apprenticeships that help them transition from school into a trade. Both students and the local workforce benefit from this partnership. Thank you, Steve Westerberg, Bob Dockendorf, and school board members for creating a bridge in your region by offering an innovative, win-win solution for students and local business.

Above right: Mark Schmitz, Resource Training & Solutions (left), and Big Lake Schools board members on Thursday, March 22.
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