Para Professional ExamParaPro Exam

The times of the ParaProfessional Online Assessment will be 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The location will be Resource Training & Solutions, 137 23rd St. S., Sartell. The cost of the test is $75 and is non-refundable. Payment must be received to confirm registration. 

Exams will be held:

Here is more information about the test with tips and materials to prepare for your test date.
As of the beginning of the school year, all Title I Paraprofessionals in the State of Minnesota must be certified.
Who should be certified educational paraprofessionals:

  • Management Assistants
  • Pupil Support Assistants
  • Special Needs Paraprofessionals

Test Guidelines
The test is a timed test. Once you begin the test, you have up to 2.5 hours to complete the test. There are 90 questions on the test.

Identification Requirements
You must present photo identification. Acceptable photo identification includes:

  • A current valid drivers license.
  • A current valid passport.
  • Military identification.
  • District photo identification.
  • A photo student ID accompanied by an additional photo or signature ID.

There are no scheduled breaks during the test session. If you must leave the testing room briefly during the test session to use the restroom or to take medication, the 2.5 hour time limit will continue to count down. You will not be allowed extra time for a break.

Prohibited items in the Test Room
Use of any of the following items is not allowed in the testing room:

  • Using a telephone or cellular phone during the test session.
  • Leaving the test site during the test session (i.e. leaving the building).
  • Communication in any manner about the test with any person other than the test administrator during the test session.
  • Creating a disturbance for other test takers.
  • Attempting to take the test for someone else or having someone take the test for you.
  • Attempting to receive or give assistance to another person during the test.
  • Tampering with the computer.
  • Use of any of the following: compass, protractor, calculator, ruler, radio or CD player with headphones, dictionary, translator, or any other device.

Family members or friends are not permitted in the test room.

Any examinee that engages in misconduct or uses the prohibited items will be removed from the testing room and not permitted to finish the assessment. The individual will not be able to retake the test at Resource Training & Solutions testing site. The individual will need to contact ETS and take the paper and pencil version of the test at their own expense. No refund will be given in the event that an examinee engages in misconduct as described in this paragraph.