Resource Training & Solutions is committed to investing in the communities we serve. The Family Education Program helps people meet the challenges of parenthood. Resource provides many training options for families including day and evening sessions. Below is a list of the classes we will offer in 2017-18.

How to Put the Fun Back Into Parenting with Love and Logic

Attend this workshop to learn new techniques and be able to discuss new ideas with parents of similar aged children. Learn how to use simple communication techniques that are effective with toddlers to teens. Avoid power struggles and guide your children to solve their own problems. Learn how to model and teach responsibility and respectful communication. Raise your children without raising the roof! 

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Learn how you can raise the odds of living in a more peaceful, positive home. Learn how to model respectful and responsible behavior to your children so you can guide them to think for themselves and grow to be independent adults that make you proud. 

The Power of EmpathyParenting the Love & Logic wayParenting the Love & Logic Way