Custom Parenting Training

We offer the entire Parenting the Love and Logic Way® Curriculum and customized 1.5-2 hour training sessions that can be offered in your community.

Parenting the Love & Logic Way® - 6-hour curriculum

Learn simple, low stress communication techniques that are effective with children from toddlers to teens. Raise your odds of success by learning how to avoid power struggles. Guide your children to solve their own problems. Learn communication strategies. Model and teach responsibility. Learn how to raise your children without raising the roof!

Shorter custom classes - 1.5-2 hour trainings

How to Put the FUN Back into Parenting with Love & Logic

Parenting can be fun. When parents learn how to remain calm, they can raise the odds of success raising their children.

  • Avoid unwinnable arguments
  • Preserve loving relationships with our children
  • The power of empathy
  • What to do when we can’t think of a consequence

Winning with Words: Sharing the Power

A calmer household can have a long-term impact on family relationships.

  • Avoid unwinnable power struggles
  • Maintain healthy control
  • Consider trigger words
  • Guide to solve problems

How to be Cool: The Art of Enforceable Statements

Learn how to be cool and logical with your children and walk away with low stress strategies that can help you and your children share the control.

  • Learn how to share power with children 
  • Discover magic phrases that work with children 
  • Use words and choices with which children can live

Who's Washing the Dishes?

How it can get so quiet around the house when there is work to be done? Do you ever think it would be easier if you just did the work yourself? Stop! Don't rob your child of significant learning opportunities that build character.

  • 4 steps to responsibility
  • Find the added value to chores in the household
  • Discover ways to organize chores for your family
  • How to set limits with enforceable statements and generic strategies

How Much is Enough? Raising Responsible, Respectful Children

Super Size & Extreme & To the Max. This describes the American culture today: buying more toys than a child can remember, allowing children unlimited access to today's technology and allowing children to set their own rules. Come to this workshop to discover:

  • Results of overindulgence
  • Realistic expectations of children
  • How to teach your children to be responsible and respectful

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9 Essential Skill of a Love & Logic Classroom

Are you seeking ways to raise your test scores by teachers spending less time disciplining and more time teaching? Want to be more compliant with MDE for positive intervention training? Wish for less teacher burnout?

These sessions are ideal for a school community ready to embrace the philosophy of the 9 Essential Skills of a Love & Logic Classroom

This nine-hour class is designed to provide an opportunity for learning while discussing and processing the strategies that can work for the entire school staff. Although this curriculum could be taught in day long sessions, optimum benefit will occur when schools offer this curriculum over time throughout the school year. Staff would then have time to learn, process, practice and return to share experiences. Following is the class outline:

1. Neutralizing  Arguing
2. Delaying Consequences
3. Empathy
4. The Recovery Process
5. Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships
6. Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements
7. Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles
8. Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions
9. Guiding Students to Own and Solve their Problems

Mini Sessions {2 hours each}

Mandatory session: 
How to Put the FUN back into Teaching with Love & Logic
Teaching can be fun.  When school staff  work together, they can raise the odds of success for children. Learn how to:
• Take care of yourself…take care of your of students
• Rediscover the value of delayed consequence
• Use one liners to neutralize arguing

Additional sessions: 
Winning with Words…Sharing the Power
Do you sometimes feel like a drill sergeant barking commands?  Learn how to enjoy and model great behavior to your students.   Learn how to:
• Build more positive relationships
• The power of questions
• Use empathy
• Say trigger words to buy time for wiser decisions

How to be C.O.O.L. in a Hot Situation 
Interacting with students can be challenging on a daily basis.  Learn how to be cool and logical with students .  Walk away with low stress strategies that help you and your students share control.   Use:
• Magic phrases that work with students
• Strategies to share power 
• Choices students can handle

Take action! Contact Anthony Farag at or (320) 255-3236 to discuss scheduling and pricing.